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Johnny Celestin

Jcelestin_Headshot_2021 (1).jpeg

Johnny Celestin is a PT faculty member at the Studley Graduate Program in International Affairs program.   Most recently, he was the Executive Director of the Future Leaders Foundation (FLF) and before that the Executive Director of the Centre Haitien du Leadership et de l’Excellence (CLE). Both organizations focused on identifying, supporting and working with young leaders in Haiti and the United States. 

Before Joining CLE, he was the Deputy Chief of Staff for Haiti’s Minister of Planning, where he oversaw various special projects. 

He brings extensive leadership and international experience in administration, program management, change management, governance, leadership development and community development.  He has over 30 years of experience in the private and philanthropic sectors, having worked at the Robin Hood Foundation, the Atlantic Philanthropies and the Clinton Foundation. 


Johnny is an entrepreneur and an engaged citizen, who is passionate about social change and, most importantly, about social justice.  He is member of various diaspora and civil society organizations in Haiti and the USA.  He is the co-host of Le Mo-Jo show, a weekly Facebook live show whose mission is to inform and educate the Haitian community.  

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